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Word from Our Country Director- June 2022

31 August 2022

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We are halfway through 2022 and I am excited to share with highlights our performance in our journey of providing women and girls of the country with choice and high quality sexual and reproductive health services. Our performance from January-June 2022 is indeed something we can be proud of.

Thanks to our highly committed and passionate teams, we served 804,000 clients through our Outreach, Public Sector Strengthening (PSS) models. MST Centers and generated 2.3 million CYPs, 36% higher compared to the same period last year. Based on our impact calculator, in this period we have been able to avert a total of 1.05 million unintended pregnancies and an estimated 253,000 unsafe abortions. All these have a significant contribution to reduction of the national maternal mortality which is very high. In spite of rising fuel costs and inflation, our cost/CYP was TZS 9890, 8.7% than last year.

We continued our advocacy work to create an enabling environment for accessing SRHR services through strategic engagement with a group of  Maternal Mortality reduction Champion Members of Parliament, conducting VCAT training with journalists and editors as well as conducting media sessions to raise  awareness on women rights during the Menstrual Hygiene Day commemoration. We formally launched LIFEGUARD condoms at an impressive and well attended event in Dar es Salaam. We expect this to contribute significantly to improving choices and reducing unwanted or unintended pregnancies. This is one of the many products that we intend to introduce to the market in the near future. The first half also saw the launch of our new Polyclinic in Makambako. We have reached a total of 804,000 clients in this half of the year.

While our performance has been good, we also face challenges due to increasing costs. We will have to adapt and change the ways in which we work, so that we continue to deliver our commitment to reach women and girls with much needed and lifesaving services. I am certain as a team we will face these challenges and successfully overcome it. The strong first half performance has been possible to committed, passionate and hardworking staff who work tirelessly each day to ensure girls and women in Tanzania have the right to determine their own future through access to quality  information and sexual and reproductive health services. Thank you team, I am proud to be part of this exciting team and I am sure the second half will be equally  productive and we will end the year with our best results ever.

I would also like to appreciate our very supportive partners, donors and the Government of Tanzania, both Central and LGA level, for the unmatched support and collaboration to ensure we reach people in every corner of the country. A huge thanks to the Advocacy & External Communications team for putting together this new, elegant and professional looking newsletter. I hope you will enjoy reading more about our work and do share your feedback.

V.S. Chandrashekar

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