Mobile Outreach clinics

Providing services to the hard-to-reach and underserved populations


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We deliver high-quality and convenient mobile contraceptive services

Our outreach teams have built a strong relationship and reputation across Tanzania. We help to fill the gap in the provision of contraceptives to the most underserved populations and hard-to-reach areas, while also building local capacity.

Our outreach teams

We believe that little details go a long way.

Our provision of family planning through mobile outreach brings services closer to rural poor women and young people, and helps to reach underserved clients, such as new family planning users.

Our outreach teams travel to the hardest-to-reach areas to provide contraception and family planning services in high-need, low-access communities. The teams visit an average of 18 government health facilities per month.

The teams consist of a mix of medical doctors, assistant medical officers, nurses, a drivier and clinical officers from the district authority.

Closer linkages with local health authorities usually helps our outreach sites to be carefully selected by both parties we’re reaching areas where the need is greatest.

Reaching underserved groups with our services has the great potential to contribute to national and global targets of reducing maternal mortality.

Highlights of our work

Here’s a video depicting the courageous work carried out by our Mobile Outreach Teams in Tanzania.

It shows the lengths they go to reach out to clients in rural areas, which is something they do on almost a daily basis.

Other ways to access our services

We also offer products and services through our centres, Bajaj outreach teams and the social marketing products we distribute throughout Tanzania.


Our centres

We have a network of 11 clinics situated in urban areas act as centres of excellence and training centres, but also offer a wide range of sexual and reproductive health and family planning services.

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Bajaj outreach

We also have Bajaj mobile outreach teams – nurses in auto-rickshaws – who deliver sexual and reproductive health services across urban settings.


Social marketing

We promote and market our registered products in different parts of Tanzania.

We often drive, sail or trek – making it possible to reach out to women in rural and remote communities.