Social marketing

We promote and market our Marie Stopes Tanzania registered products across the country.


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Bringing our registered products to Tanzania.

Our social marketing program distributes registered products through pharmacies, community-based distributors, public and private health providers.

Many of our clients live in settings where the health infrastructure is weak and there are simply not enough health workers.

We try to reach clients through a range of methods. We often integrate community-based distribution of products within our outreach and clinics. We also empower community members to provide information, and counseling for the uptake of our product services.

In 2013, Marie Stopes launched its first product, Misoclear (Misoprostol). And in 2022, Marie Stopes Tanzania launched its product Lifeguard Condom.

Our social marketing program particularly benefits both women and men who, for whatever reason, are unlikely ever to visit a professional healthcare provider. They can still access helpful information on our core products and services through social marketing.

Other ways to access our services

We also offer products and services through our centres, Bajaj outreach teams and the social marketing products we distribute throughout Tanzania.


Our centres

We have a network of 11 clinics situated in urban areas act as centres of excellence and training centres, but also offer a wide range of sexual and reproductive health and family planning services.

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Bajaj outreach

We also have Bajaj mobile outreach teams – nurses in auto-rickshaws – who deliver sexual and reproductive health services across urban settings.


Mobile outreach

Our mobile outreach teams serve clients in remote rural areas in every region of Tanzania.