We always build and maintain partnerships that better suit all our clients


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Our partnerships are built around meeting clients’ needs

We often times collaborate closely with numerous partners in the public and private sectors to ensure facilities that are not already served by other Family Planning partners are actually being prioritized.

Beyond own sources, Marie Stopes Tanzania (MST) will continue to build partnerships for increased donor support to spearhead programmatic campaigns that benefit all available delivery channels to our clients.

Local partnerships

At regional and district levels, MST will participate in comprehensive council health planning meetings to plan family planning service provision at district levels.

Closer linkages with local health authorities is our ideal partnership entry point to enable our outreach sites to be carefully selected by both parties (i.e District authorities and MST) to ensure facilities that are not already served by other FP partners are prioritized. District Health Information System (DHIS2) coupled with census data are often utilized to analyze and select the facilities with lowest FP performance and highest unmet needs.

Low availability of services to clients in hard to reach areas also shape our partnerships through provision of training to health care providers from such locations.

Complementing our services

To help enrich the services we provide in different parts of Tanzania, part of our mission ensures we support public sector strengthening.

This includes expanding our service provision as key partners in the expansion of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) education. By reaching more clients and raising more awareness of SRH issues, we are able to further focus on reaching the most underserved communities in Tanzania.