IUD removal

Safely removing an intrauterine device


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A quick and straightforward procedure

IUDs eventually have to be removed and replaced, which for most women, will be as straightforward as the insertion process.

We recommend visiting one of our locations that offer safe removal of IUDs

Reasons for removing an IUD

Eventually all IUDs need to be removed or replaced. There are a few reasons for removing an IUD, including:

  • Reaching the expiry of the IUD
  • A desire to become pregnant
  • Developing an infection or side effects
  • Or, simply, just because you don’t like having an IUD any longer

Some women may believe that they need their IUD removed if they switch sexual partners. This is not true, and your IUD will continue to work just as effectively no matter how many sexual partners you have

What to expect at your appointment 

For most women, the removal of an IUD is a simple procedure performed at our clinics.

To remove the IUD, your qualified practicioner will grasp the threads of the IUD with forceps, collapsing the arms of the IUD, and allowing the device to slide out easily.

There is a small chance the IUD may not slide out quite so easily, but the practicioner will be able to offer a few simple alternative procedure methods. In extremely rare cases, a simple surgery may be required.